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Finding My True Voice

Thanks to my friend John’s decision to get married (or, rather, his fiancée’s acceptance), I had the opportunity to spend the past weekend with a group of 10 guys on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. The trip was dubbed the “old guy bachelor party” and, at one point, “the lamest bachelor party of all time –… Continue reading Finding My True Voice

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Adam Dorfman, Mindset, Success

The Real Impact of Positive Thinking – Getting Past the Hokey BS

I have always considered myself to be a "realist." I like to think that, whether times are good or bad, I have the capacity to rise above, take an unbiased view, and give accurate feedback on my own situation. My go-to thought process was that overly-optimistic people, those who constantly saw the glass as half-full,… Continue reading The Real Impact of Positive Thinking – Getting Past the Hokey BS

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Drinking the Kool-Aid

As President of DMC Atlanta, I do my best to make sure our team members are consistently learning, growing, and feeling appreciated. I also make sure to keep up with public opinion of our company as expressed through online reviews and private feedback. In doing so, I have noticed a few trends that I wanted… Continue reading Drinking the Kool-Aid